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Why Detour?

I guess this is two questions in one: Why did I name my company Detour, and why should someone travel with Detour?

The first question is easy. I wanted the name to convey that this isn’t your typical mass-market tour. So it’s a de-tour, as opposed to a traditional tour: smaller, more personal, less antiseptic… not geared to the lowest common denominator.

On top of that, sometimes we take a detour: an alternate route where we’ll have our own unique adventures. As one tour member put it, “The places we’re going, you don’t feel we’re going to run into another tour group… We end up in these kind of out-of-the-way places…”

The second question – Why travel with Detour? – is more complicated, because every traveler has a different take on it.

Some people want to experience the destination in ways they couldn’t on their own. Others talk about how much energy it takes to organize a trip, and how much nicer it is just to relax and let someone else deal with the details.

I also hear from travelers about the ways Detour looks out for people. Of course you want me taking good care of you… but I also worry about the communities we visit. Tourism isn’t always kind to local residents. As one recent traveler put it: “You made me feel like a visitor & not an asshole tourist!”

To hear directly from travelers about their experiences with Detour, check out their testimonials! Or watch the video:

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