metal sculpture of a grasshopper

Travel Tips Roundup!

Okay, today we’re bringing you a roundup of travel tips from across the web.  Enjoy!

  • Tips for Traveling Abroad from the U.S. State Department
  • It may not be glamorous, but it happens: Traveler’s Diarrhea. In another country, you’re exposed to different bacteria than you’re used to. For a short visit like a Detour, the best approach is prevention. (For a long visit, you may decide to gradually expose yourself to local bacteria until you’re accustomed to them.)
  • Health information listed by country at – includes vaccinations, medications, food/water safety, and more.  Very comprehensive.
  • I’ve never been robbed, but I know tourists are sometimes targeted. So here are some tips on not getting robbed. And more tips on not getting robbed. Everyone has their own favorite strategies. I’ll write mine up at some point. But my basics are to keep cash in multiple pockets, so if one gets picked I won’t be totally screwed; keep copies of passport and credit cards; look assertive, such as making eye contact and acknowledging people who look at me with a friendly nod; and leave any jewelry with sentimental value at home.
  • Things to know about travel insurance. And: 15 things your travel insurance may not cover. If you’re paying for it, make sure you get a policy that meets your needs!
  • Of note: This year Panama implemented a health insurance program for all tourists who fly in to Tocumen International Airport. That’s THE international airport in Panama City, so that’s where you’ll fly to start one of our Panama tours.
Metal sculpture of a grasshopper

This grasshopper is native to Argentina.

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