Upcoming trip: A Wedding in Havana! November 2017

You’re invited! Join us in Cuba for a special trip built around Mackenzie and Henry’s wedding.

You’ve got two options: A 7-night trip for the entire week of the wedding or a 3-night long weekend trip. Both trips aim to give you a rich experience of Cuban culture, history, and modern society, but each has a slightly different slant. The 7-night trip has an emphasis on Cuba’s food scene, using this to illuminate societal issues like entrepreneurship, scarcity, and how Cuba’s hybrid socialist-capitalist economy works (and doesn’t). The long weekend trip has an emphasis on Cuban art and how artists use it to examine life in Cuba.

For more details, check out the full itineraries at the bottom of this page.

A $1,000 deposit secures your spot on the week trip; or $500 for the long weekend. To sign up, just click the purple button! We’ll follow up with you to answer any questions and discuss payment options and paperwork.

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Preliminary pricing:

Pricing is still preliminary. We’ve estimated what we expect it to be. But before the numbers are final, we’re working with Mackenzie and Henry to get a rough head count, plus we’re waiting on bids from some of our Cuban vendors. We expect to have final pricing by the first week in August… so stay tuned!

Pricing depends on which program you choose – and what you want to do about lodging, air, and other options. You can stay at the Hotel Nacional, or we can help you find a private Cuban B&B. These range from modest to luxury, and they can run from $40 to hundreds of dollars per night. Not counting lodging, the prices are:

  • Week program – not counting lodging or other options: $1700 per person
  • Long weekend – not counting lodging or other options: $1000 per person

Legalese and disclaimers:

This is a People-to-People educational exchange program. Program participants are authorized to travel to Cuba under a general license under Section 515.565(b) of the Cuban Assets Control Regulations, traveling under the auspices of Detours With Matt.

Please note: These two trips are not open to the general public. If you weren’t invited to the wedding, you’re not invited on these trips either. Sorry! But if you aren’t invited, and you’ve fallen in love with one of these programs, get in touch. Maybe we could offer a similar program for you at another time.



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