Recent updates: Custom trips and new testimonials

I’ve made a couple changes to the site lately! One is my Cuba brochure, listed on the Travel With Matt page. This spells out how my custom trips work, where I organize a trip just for your private group.

I’ve also updated the Testimonials page with some feedback from my travelers. This includes feedback from people who came on open enrollment trips, together with other travelers they’d never met; and from people who booked a private trip just for their family or group of friends.

The themes I hear across all testimonials are:

  • We take the stress out of traveling.
  • Travelers love meeting the people I know and spending time with them. (Of course much of the credit here goes to the kickass people I know!)
  • Amazing music! Sharing my favorite musicians with people is one of the best parts of my job.
  • Our trips are tailored to their interests. We listen to what they want and customize the trip accordingly. During the trip, we adapt well to changing needs and circumstances.
  • Things feel personal and fresh. Very often, people say they weren’t originally excited about the idea of an organized tour, as they expected it to feel contrived and restrictive. (That’s generally how I feel about tours too.)

Here are a couple samples. To hear more, visit our recently updated testimonials page!

   Ann Arbor, MI

So, this tour I love. We’re not going to the huge touristy spots, which is nice, because we get this really unique and special perspective of the culture and the community here. “Detour” totally lives up to its name – it’s like, off the beaten path.

   Detroit, MI

I know this may sound like a cliché – there were so many parts of the trip that were special and memorable. I truly enjoyed every moment. What I will take away from the trip is not only the visual experiences – the artwork, the cars, the architecture, etc. – but more importantly the interaction with the local people, and not only their warmth for foreign tourists but also their general passion for life. It was a very special trip.

The best person for a “Detours with Matt” trip is a person that wants to engage and interact – with Matt and the Cuban guide, with the rest of the group, and most importantly, with the local people you come across through daily activities.

   Austin, TX

Matt’s really easy-going, very friendly, knowledgeable… and just flexible, so if you want to do something else, he’s supportive… Hands down favorite trip I’ve ever been on!

Hear what other travelers have to say at our Testimonials page!

Cover photo: I’m always happy to get a thumbs up! This one’s from Mario, a Cuban trumpet player. That day we were on the way to visit his hometown in the Zapata wetlands.

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