Photo of Matt with a smiley sun mascot

This is me with the Sabritas sun in Guadalajara, Mexico. Sabritas is a snack chip, a brand of Frito-Lay.

Hi there! For those who don’t know me yet, I’m Matt Smith. I’m a linguist, social worker, and professional tour guide. As a guide, I lead trips in Latin America with an emphasis on meeting people and getting a feel for the local culture and society.

My favorite moments in travel are unscripted and unexpected. When I’m on my own, I like to take unplanned detours from the standard tourist routine – to see what life is like away from museums and resorts. When I do that, sometimes nothing happens. But sometimes I have the kind of experience I’ll never forget… and sometimes I make a friend along the way. Travel at its best! I named my tour company Detours with Matt because that’s the spirit I bring to all my trips.

I lead larger group trips on request, but mostly I lead small or private trips to the places I know and love best. If you might be interested in one of these small trips, you can: