If you’ve got other questions, just drop me a line!

The Basics

How do you pick destinations?

I choose tour destinations from the places I know and love. I have to know my way around well enough to lead my kind of tour there – not just hitting museums and tourist traps, but helping you enjoy the destination at its very best. What I know best are destinations in Spanish-speaking Latin America, because that’s where I have family/friends, speak the language, and spend the most time.

Why "Detours"?

I call my trips Detours for two reasons. One, it’s not your typical, mass market tour. I don’t even like most tours, and I’m aiming for something different. That’s why people often say things like, "Matt made this tour not seem like a tour." And two, it suggests some alternate route where we’ll have our own unexpected, unique adventures. Those little “detours” are often when we have the most fun!

What are your trips like?

A recent traveler put it best: “Your connection (to the destination and its people) and ability to share that connection made me feel like a visitor, not another asshole tourist.” Nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.

Is this adventure travel, luxury travel, gay travel, or what?

No. It’s not adventure travel, or luxury travel, or gay travel, or any other pat label. I love to incorporate diverse elements into my trips, and that makes them hard to categorize. I also adapt my trips to what you want… so if your private group really wants a luxury trip, I’d make it happen.

I’ve had a lot of people confused over the gay thing. I’m gay. I don’t care whether you are or not. Even if some trip has an LGBT theme, like the Cuban Day Against Homophobia/Transphobia, everyone’s welcome.

What happens during the tour?

Does the group stick together the whole time?

Nope. Generally, people who travel with me are excited about the group activities and stick together for them. But you can always come and go as you please… and you will have some down time to do your own thing. NB: If you’re traveling to Cuba, this question gets a different answer. See the Cuba FAQ.

What if I'm interested in something that isn't on the itinerary?

This tour is about you! Whether you’re dying to take a Spanish class, a hike, or a nap, you’ll have my full support. If you need my help finding the activity you’re looking for, just ask. If I don’t know where to find it, I’ll find someone who does.


How do I register for a trip?

Just call or email. I’ll get in touch to confirm details of your reservation, ask about any particular interests or needs you’ll have on the trip, and work out the payment details with you. Then I’ll email you a Reservation Form and an invoice.

How does payment work?

I ask for a deposit up front – typically $500 per person, or $1000 if the trip includes a flight. The remainder is due a few months out – more for Cuba, less for other destinations. I accept checks, money orders, credit cards, and wire transfers. If you’re paying by credit card, I pass the processing fee on to you.

Is every tour a guaranteed departure?

No, open enrollment tours only depart if enough travelers sign up. If you express interest in a tour that is not yet guaranteed, I’ll let you know before finalizing your reservation. If a trip is not guaranteed by the “final payment due” date, it may be cancelled. In this case I’d return your money and offer you $100 off your next trip. This is my way of acknowledging any inconvenience the cancellation caused you.

What if I need to cancel my trip after I've already paid for it?

Your payment, including the deposit, is fully refundable up to the “final payment due” date. After that, I handle refunds on a case-by-case basis. I aim to refund whatever I can while covering any costs incurred as a result of the late cancellation.

Meeting your needs

Will you do a private tour for a person or group? Can you customize it?

Absolutely! If you’re interested in a private tour, get in touch with me. And if you have particular ideas, I can work with you to build the trip you want.

Can you tailor my private tour to the interests of my bisexual Buddhist knitting collective? We're not interested in meeting heterosexual Buddhists or Catholic knitters, only other bisexual Buddhist knitters.

That’s a pretty small niche. I can do my best, but unfortunately I don’t have any connections to bi Buddhist knitters anywhere. However, I do have special expertise/connections in social services, progressive activism, specialty coffee, LGBT communities, and Jewish communities. And I have random connections, or could probably develop random connections, in more common niches like food, music, or academia. Or Buddhism or knitting, for that matter. When in doubt, just ask!

I can't go on the trip I want because of my schedule. Can it be repeated at a time that works for me?

If there’s a trip you want to see, let me know. I’m happy to consider it. You could also get some friends together and request it as a group. If you have several people ready to take a trip with you, there’s a strong chance I’ll work with you on the scheduling. (Or we could just make it a private trip.)


Why so cheap?

My tours are priced competitively for several reasons. As a tiny operation, my overhead is relatively low compared to most tour operators. Also I’m a fair-minded guy, and I price accordingly.

Why so pricey?

I make the tours as affordable as I can without compromising on my principles. My top priority is to give you a great, memorable travel experience. I like to keep groups smaller, and that costs more per person. I may spend extra to make your trip more comfortable or convenient – often because I tried out a cheaper option and realized it wasn’t everything you’d hope. Also, because I’m committed to treating people well, I pay decently, tip decently, etc. No cutting corners there. I also don’t play games with hidden costs. Finally, I never take kickbacks from hotels, restaurants, or retailers, so a tour’s price represents all proceeds for the trip.


Are trips open to children too?

I’m happy to plan a family-friendly trip for your group. Call me to discuss your needs and we can bat around some options.

I noticed you have some LGBT- or Jewish- oriented trips. What's that about?

I’m gay and Jewish. You don’t have to be. If you like the idea of a diverse tour group, you’ve come to the right place! And if you hate that idea, I want to scare you away.

I have limited mobility/use gender-neutral bathrooms/eat vegetarian/etc.

I’m committed to making my trips as accessible as possible. Let me know about your needs. I can brainstorm with you about how to include you as fully as possible in the tour’s activities. With any luck, we’ll figure out ways to make it work for you.

Following us online

What's the best way to stay connected with you? (apart from being on a tour)

You can follow my exploits on Facebook or here on the blog.