Nonprofits We Like

Nonprofit groups we support

The following groups have enjoyed our support in the past and/or are on our list for future contributions. We like nonprofits that focus on conflict resolution and social justice, working towards a world where people co-exist better than we do now! We’re most likely to notice nonprofits that work in Austin, Texas, and/or the U.S.A., as that’s where we’re based.

  • allgo is Texas’ statewide queer people of color organization. Their varied activities range from health, advocacy, and cultural arts programming to kickass trainings on issues of diversity and social justice. They also happen to throw a mean party.
  • The Dispute Resolution Center of Austin, TX offers affordable, high-quality mediation services for people in and near Travis County. This relieves the burden on the county court system and saves people the cost and stress of litigation. The Center also offers very highly regarded trainings for wannabe mediators and facilitators.
  • The Military Religious Freedom Foundation fights pervasive religious coercion, intimidation and discrimination in the U.S. military. To say it in a positive way, the MFF works for equality and freedom for all servicemembers regardless of their religious beliefs.
  • Seeds of Peace is dedicated to empowering young leaders from regions of conflict with the leadership skills required to advance reconciliation and coexistence. Originally focused on the conflict between Israelis, Palestinians, and neighboring countries, Seeds of Peace has since grown to include young people from other parts of the world as well. Their flagship program is an annual summer camp that brings teens together, building a foundation for mutual understanding and broadened perspectives.
  • Southerners On New Ground (aka SONG) works to transform the world in the direction of greater justice and liberation. We’ve heard particularly great things about their racism trainings – still waiting to experience one ourselves.
  • TransYouth Family Allies is the group in the U.S. working at a national level for the needs of transgender children and youth. They’re for supportive, informed communities and schools, against harassment, oppression and violence. They’re also unusually loving and lovable, if Kim Pearson’s any indication.
The Hill Country Ride for AIDS benefits Austin-area nonprofits working with HIV and AIDS. allgo does HIV prevention work and receives a share of the money raised.

I rode with Team Allgo in the 2011 and 2012 Hill Country Ride for AIDS. Many riders express our silly creativity with costumes. –Matt

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