Coffee Origin Tours

View of a coffee farm

Doc Mierisch looks out over one of the family farms. Photo credit: Fincas Mierisch, Nicaragua.

Specialty Coffee, Seed to Cup!

There’s a lot going on behind every cup of coffee you drink. On Detour’s origin tours you’ll learn what it takes to cultivate high quality beans for the specialty coffee market. We’ll visit the farms and communities producing coffee, learn the entire seed-to-cup process, and taste the amazing results!

I’m thrilled to be offering these trips in conjunction with Joe – The Art of Coffee, leaders in the world of specialty coffee. With their help, we’re able to visit the kind of coffee operations that aren’t normally open to the public.

A coffee cupper explains his work

As the coffee brews, Dave C. talks with José, a professional cupper. José and his colleagues taste every lot of Fincas Mierisch beans – up to 70 lots per day. At the Don Esteban dry mill, Matagalpa, Nicaragua.


Departures: February 1 and March 15, 2014
From $2280

We’re currently offering a Nicaragua origin tour timed for the local coffee harvest. We’ll go behind the scenes with Fincas Mierisch, a premier specialty coffee operation, to see how it all happens. Click through for details – there are still a few spots left for our 2014 departures! (or get in touch if you might want to book a private tour)

preparing a coffee cupping

Our friends at Sustainable Harvest prepare a cupping. Lima, Peru.


Departures: June to August, 2014

We’re also working on a new tour to Peru, which will fall during the local harvest season. We’ll spend some time in Lima and the rest in coffee country, with an optional side trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu. The first tours will run in 2014. If you might be interested, let me know. Then I can notify you when I’ve released firm dates and details.

Coffee processing machine

This “classifying siphon” machine helps separate out bad beans and debris. At the Mama Mina farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua.

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Please don’t hesitate to call me with any questions or to book a trip. I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Matt Smith
Founder, Detour Travel

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