What do people have to say about traveling with me?

Check out this video, shot on a recent trip to Puerto Rico! Or scroll down to read some of what they had to say…

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the video – and to our awesome videographer, Caleb! If you want to hire him, you can find him at Shattered Glass Productions!

   Ann Arbor, MI

So, this tour I love. We’re not going to the huge touristy spots, which is nice, because we get this really unique and special perspective of the culture and the community here. Detour totally lives up to its name – it’s like, off the beaten path.

   Austin, TX

The places we’re going to, you don’t feel we’re going to run into another tour group… We end up in these kind of out-of-the-way places that you’d never have found if you were just on your own.

   Austin, TX

I never had been on a tour on any of the other trips that I’ve taken. So that has been amazing, having someone who knows what they’re doing and where they’re going, and has some ideas plotted out already. And having a group that you’re going with has been a lot of fun.

   Santa Rosa, CA

[Matt’s] fun, he’s easy to talk to, he’s outgoing, he is very caring, and you know if there’s a problem he’s gonna fix it… I have been on a group tour to Rome and Paris. This was by far the best tour… It was well organized, which left time for me to just enjoy the sights and adventures. It was a small group so there weren’t long waiting periods for others to get ready.

   Austin, TX

Matt’s really easy-going, very friendly, knowledgeable… and just flexible, so if you want to do something else, he’s supportive… Hands down favorite trip I’ve ever been on!

   Oakland, CA

This surpasses any other trip I have gone on.

A big thank-you to everyone for sharing their experience!


  1. We are just returned from a week with Matt and his “friends and family”. I hate “tours” but this was nothing like a tour you will ever take. I’ve been blessed to have traveled extensively, but I can’t match the level of joy I felt getting up each day and being delighted beyond imagination. Go to Cuba with Matt. He will show you the best.

    • Mark! What a lovely comment to come home to. I’m going to promote it soon so it appears as a testimonial rather than a comment. Thanks so much!

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