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A tango band plays in a Buenos Aires street

A tango band playing in the streets of Buenos Aires

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Argentina is known for the quality of its beef and leather, along with fine food and wine. Strong European influence is evident in architecture, cuisine, music, and more. The country also boasts incredible natural beauty, such as the Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian border. Argentina has broken barriers as the only Latin American country to recognize same-sex marriage… and the Tango Queer movement is redefining gender roles for the national dance.

Our tour is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital and the second largest city in South America. There’s a classic cliché: “It feels more like a European city than a Latin American city!” Parts of the city are built on a grand scale, and several boulevards are among the largest in the world. European influence is evident in the gorgeous architecture and the use of cafes as hubs for social and cultural life. Italian influence has been particularly strong, as reflected in the city’s cuisine and in the musical cadence of local Spanish. Locals tend to be proud of how cosmopolitan their city and country are, and this can come off as a sense of superiority with regard to the rest of Latin America.

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls is the widest-spanning waterfall in the world. It’s been named one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature.

Mixed in with all the European influence are some distinctly Argentinian elements. Beef is big, and Argentinian grills do a brisk business. Bakers stand behind the counters of their small storefronts selling fresh empanadas and slices of vegetable tarts. Sweets are also a specialty, with dulce de leche playing a prominent role in the dessert menus. Street art is ubiquitous, and while some is created purely for its artistic value, much of it is political, reflecting how deeply political protest is ingrained into the culture. And last but not least, you can expect the sights and sounds of tango to pop up here and there as you move through the city.

Street art painted onto the side of a building

Street art is an important part of the local culture in Buenos Aires. Some of it is art for the sake of art, while other is political speech.

Apart from visiting Buenos Aires and the nearby countryside, we will fly to Iguazu Falls (pronounced “ee-wah-SOO”) on the Brazilian border. Rather than a single waterfall, this is a collection of awe-inspiring falls spanning over 1.6 miles – the widest set of falls in the world. We’ll spend two days there to enjoy the incredible beauty of the falls and surrounding jungle, with plenty of time to relax as well. The jungle is home to hundreds of animal species, and we commonly see a number of animals and thousands of butterflies. Trails allow us to walk around and over the majestic falls, while boats allow us to approach them from beneath.

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